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CRC is proud to offer a versatile rental program which can meet any of your communication needs.

We have a selection of portable and mobile radios, satellite phones, and tower rentals.

Check availability by contacting us. Whether you’re planning on using the rental for personal or business solutions, we’d be happy to assess your needs. 

Radio Rentals

CRC offers  a vast selection of VHF, UHF and Trunking two-way radios in both portable or mobile capacity.  To enhance user requirements a wide array of accessories are available to meet any application that is required.

Inquire about availability by contacting us.

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Satellite Phone Rentals

Satellite phones are a great way to stay connected in the most remote areas of Northwestern Ontario. CRC offers flexible terms to rent from our preferred satellite providers, Iridium and Globalstar. 

Inquire about availability by contacting us.

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